Rainwater for reuse for single family homes has become more than just a good idea

  • New LID (Low Impact Development) requires capture of runoff from your property
  • As we come into another long-term drought, capturing available rainwater allows usable water for subsurface drip irrigation
  • Rainwater packages are available from 700-50,000 gallons

All rainwater systems have three major components

  • Pre-treatment
  • Cistern or Tank
  • Pump System with controls
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Pre-Treatment Devices

The reason for these Pre-Treatment Devices are for

  • Catching and diverting the First flush. This includes bird and animal feces.
  • Catching and diverting leaves and other debris from entering the rainwater tank
  • Redirecting the rainwater flow to a stormwater drain once the rainwater tank is full
  • Comes in various sizes to meet your needs
  • Internal and External models available

Rainwater Tank/Cistern

Rainwater Tanks are designed specifically for Rainwater catchment. The tank must be monolithic, structurally strong, and water-tight to grade and include a smoothing inlet and proper sized venting.


Pumps and Controls

Pumps and controls complete the Rainwater Package and is sized to your specific needs.