Industrial Process waste can be challenging to treat to a level that the water can either be released into the sewer system (Industrial Pretreatment), be dispersed into the ground for groundwater recharge or be reused in a beneficial way.  This includes:

  • Winery waste “Crush” in winemaking
  • Egg processing plants
  • Food Processing Plants
Terravant Wine Company production facility, Buellton, Santa Ynez Valley, California, United States of America


Industrial Process Waste Projects start with defining the Scope of the Project by filling out a Commercial Project Questionnaire. After receiving the completed Project Questionnaire, we can provide you a Preliminary Estimate of Equipment for budgeting purposes if you wish.



Once the scope of your project is defined, we can provide your Civil Engineer/Designer with the Commercial Design Criteria Document and assist with providing Design Templates of our Equipment per your engineer’s specifications.


Technologies include:

“Crush Pretreatment”

Small seeds and skins need to be removed prior to going into Primary Settling. These seed and skins can be diverted to a separate tank for storage to be reused as compost.


Orenco’s Modular MBBR

This component is used for used in conjunction with AXMAX in high strength waste from Process Waste to reduce the organic load for AXMAX polishing for final treatment.


Advantex AXMAX

Advantex AXMAX can be used after the Modular MBBR to provide final polishing of the wastewater to provide a highwater quality effluent.

This simple low-energy technology can produce excellent water quality in the most challenging environments.  This modular system can be used with one or more modules or work with complementary technologies to achieve outstanding water quality.


Primary Tanks

In Industrial Process Treatment Wastewater Systems Primary settling tanks are required as part of the Treatment Process.

Tanks must be monolithic, structurally strong, and water-tight to grade.

Tanks are usually custom designed for each project.


Optional Accessories

Certain additional accessories might be needed to achieve your required or desired water quality objective. These are some of the major options used in various applications.