Rainwater for reuse for application has become more than just a good idea

  • New LID (Low Impact Development) requires capture of runoff from your property
  • As we come into another long-term drought, capturing available rainwater allows usable water for subsurface drip irrigation
  • Many Jurisdictions are requiring non-potable water for all outside irrigation
  • Rainwater packages are available from 700-50,000 gallons

All rainwater systems have three major components

  • Pre-treatment
  • Cistern or Tank
  • Pump System with controls
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Components include:

Pre-Treatment Devices

The reason for these Pre-Treatment Devices are for

  • Catching and diverting the First flush. This includes bird and animal feces.
  • Catching and diverting leaves and other debris from entering the rainwater tank
  • Redirecting the rainwater flow to a stormwater drain once the rainwater tank is full
  • Comes in various sizes to meet your needs
  • Internal and External models available

Rainwater Tank/Cistern

Rainwater Tanks are designed specifically for Rainwater catchment. The tank must be monolithic, structurally strong, and water-tight to grade and include a smoothing inlet and proper sized venting.


Pumps and Controls

Pumps and controls complete the Rainwater Package and is sized to your specific needs.


Optional Equipment

Complete Skid Mounted Controls with Cartridge Filters, UV Bladder Tank and more

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