The AdvanTex Advantage

Reliable, Robust Treatment

Clear effluent

No noise or odors

Low energy efficient

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Low Power Costs, Low Maintenance Costs

No blowers. No odors. The AdvanTex System is passively vented and uses only $3-$5 per month in electricity. Other products can use anywhere from ten to twenty times more! AdvanTex customers also have low lifetime costs. The AdvanTex Treatment System is easily maintained with a semi-annual service call, thanks to its accessible, cleanable filter and media and the system’s high-quality, head-head pumps.


Consistent, Reliable Performance

AdvanTex has received both NSF40 and NSF 245 Certification ensuring that it meets all local County Regulations.


Robust Treatment

Unlike other systems, AdvanTex Treatment Systems can handle Occasional Peak flows* during Holiday parties or gatherings.

Peak flow- Two times Design Average Flow

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Landscape around your system

AdvanTex Systems can be blended into a home’s landscape. Many homeowners place their AdvanTex system in garden areas and cover the lids with wood chips/mulch. Other homeowners have placed decking or painted the system to match other parts of their homes décor.


Authorized Installers & Service Providers

AdvanTex Treatment System is not just a product.  It is a complete program that includes the below benefits:

  • All Authorized Installers are trained by BioSolutions and come from reputable companies with years of experience.
  • All Authorized Service Providers are trained by us to provide reliable Maintenance of your system.
  • Every AdvanTex system is started up by a BioSolutions representative to ensure proper installation guidelines are met.
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Two treatment unit models to meet your site-specific needs.

Certain additional accessories might be needed to achieve your required or desired water quality objective. These are some of the major options used in various applications.


Our standard and most popular Treatment system. This system can use new or existing watertight septic tanks.


For Applications where the new or existing septic tank will be buried with an invert over 36” the AX20 Pod system provides the answer.