Assist property owners to determine the system that best suits their site-specific needs. Considerations include the local regulations, size and location of property, geology and other factors unique to your property.

Interface with the contractor to ensure that the system is installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. Provide start-up services to ensure that the system is working properly.

Full-Service Compliance Program including preparation of applications for WDR's, operating permits, spill response plans, required sampling & reporting.

Perform On-site Maintenance Inspections in accordance with local regulations and manufacturer's specifications. Remote system monitoring utilizing state of the art telemetry technology.

For a assistance with the installation and servicing of your system, contact Camille Sherman.

On-Demand Warehousing

BIOSOLUTIONS knows the importance of "just in time" logistics and the benefits of readily available components for wastewater treatment. That's why we warehouse a large inventory of products to meet the needs of contractors, developers and construction firms. Less time spent waiting for project-critical components means reduced delays. Contact us for all your wastewater treatment systems needs.


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